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Check out our online store for off the shelf fully installed security systems

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Check out our online store for off the shelf fully installed security systems

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Check out our online store for off the shelf fully installed security systems

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Can you afford not to protect your home or business from Burglary or Vandalism ?

The implications of a break-in or the need for a home security system don’t always come to mind until it’s too late. A burglary doesn’t just cause financial loss and disruption, it can have a big emotional impact too.

According to Directgov, the Government’s digital information service, a home is five times more likely to be burgled if it has no security measures in place than if it has basic measures in place like adequate door and window locks. Going the extra mile by having an Aegis burglar alarm or CCTV system fitted, will also really help protect your home and valuables.

If you are looking at securing your home or business, you’ve reached the right place for buying a security system, CCTV System or an Access control system, using our site you can check out the systems we provide and buy from our Online Systems Store, once you have purchased your system, we will give you a call and book in the best date and time to install your new, reliable and easy to use security system, designed to give you peace of mind and satisfaction right from the start.

Security systems off the shelf, or designed to meet your specific needs

If you are looking to secure your property, with our online systems store you can buy an off the shelf security system or CCTV system, and have it installed and working within 7 days, or alternatively if you need something more specific our team will design an intruder alarm system or CCTV system to meet your bespoke and specific needs, we specialise in both residential home security systems and business security systems too. Using a combination of reliable burglar alarm and CCTV equipment and experienced engineers, we offer you more than 15 years’ experience, benefitting you and the security of your home or business, and aiming to give you peace of mind right from the start.


Where we install

Our installation & service engineers operate throughout the greater East Midlands, North East Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire, including the following post codes NG, LE, LN, PE, DN, S and DE.

If you would like to use our services outside of these post codes please Contact our team to discuss as we can and do operate outside of these areas on a one on one basis.

Crime Mapping

Visit the Government’s crime mapping website to find out about crimes in your local area.

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We wish to support you every step of the way, from concept, to designing and then delivering our security systems, and protecting your home and business.

If there is a problem, our customer service team are trained, experienced and ready to help you whether via email, over the phone or via a video call.

Committed to reliability

No matter which system you choose, you can be confident that the systems we install are of the highest quality and trusted reliability, it’s in our DNA to operate with a no grief mentality.

We value your business and we value our customers, and as a team we are totally committed to delivering a customer centric service.

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