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Access Control

Aegis access control & visitor management systems  are designed to provide controlled access for employees, contractors & visitors to sites of all sizes and environments. By Installing multiple technologies such as Mifare smart cards, proximity tokens, PIN based entry keypads and biometric devices, our systems can be designed around existing hardware to provide an effective solution for a stand alone site/building, or rolled out over multiple sites across an estate or branch network.

Access Control - Door 2

We offer a range of stand-alone or networked door controllers to control and monitor access control field devices and  control system functions – such as user level access to specific areas, storing visitor & staff profiles, and providing 240v power and battery backup. Our range of proximity and Mifare card readers are designed to utilise a wide range of technologies such as proximity, magnetic stripe, infra red or smart card to permit or deny access to protected areas, as required. These cards in certain circumstances can also be used along side third party systems such as cashless vending or time and attendance systems.

Aegis offer Paxton Net 2, Axxess ID, TDSI Access control software options, these system all offer various features & provide easy admin & reporting functions, this allows you to assign and remove access to any user as required. It is also possible set time zones & access schedules for doors and users.