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Aspiration Systems

Aegis have been involved in the design, installation and maintenance of many Aspiration Systems, both fully and in part adding to the integrity of either existing or new fire alarm installation’s. We are able in house to design, advise and install these systems UK wide.

Aspiration Systems

An aspirating smoke detection is a system that draws air from the protected area via a network of sampling pipes and sampling holes. The air that has been sampled then passes through a high sensitivity detector that analyses the air and generates warning signals when appropriate, the aspiration controllers can be stand alone or form part of a network of controllers, linked to the house fire alarm system. This particular system has a number of benefits, especially when it comes to performance, relative installation cost and ongoing whole life costs in relation routine maintenance.


Typical benefits over conventional detection methods include:

  • Higher sensitivity.
  • Lower installation and maintenance costs.
  • The detectors can be positioned away from harsh environments.
  • Depending on requirements air can be filtered or heated prior to reaching the detectors.
  • Aspirating systems are generally easier to maintain particularly in lift shafts, ceiling voids or under floor boards.
  • Better performance where there are high ceilings.
  • Increased performance where smoke stratification is an issues.

 Typical be applications include:

  • Food Production Facilities
  • Storage and Warehouse Facilities
  • Atrium Coverage
  • Early Warning Duct Protection
  • Server Rooms
  • HV Electrical Rooms