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CCTV Systems

Aegis Fire & Security has been installing Surveillance Systems for nearly ten years, in that time the technology available and the applications for surveillance have changed immensely.

CCTV Systems

One thing that hasn’t changed, is the need to focus acutely on the clients site specific and business specific needs. Whether your needs range from site management, traffic flow, staff safety, crime reduction, integration with other systems or health and safety, our mission with all projects, is to design a surveillance system that meets the client’s own specific requirements.

Aegis build and deliver solutions to problems, not just supply and install surveillance systems, a key factor that is missed in many system designs.

As Surveillance Systems have evolved, so too, has the risk of the systems failing to live up to the clients expectations, with the advanced role out of internet based technology and faster high speed connections, it is far much easier, to remotely monitor surveillance systems now, using related systems such as external detection and activity detection systems, it is now becoming a fundamental part of most surveillance system design to incorporate some form of detector based activation, preventing in most cases the possibility of the system being circumvented, or evaded by being able to immediately spot and identify problem issues and intrusion to sites and, take action  directly from the remote monitoring station, or the clients own operatives. It is also possible and common practice for the surveillance system to be integrated with other systems onsite, such as access control positions or intruder alarm systems, giving visual verification of activity onsite, additional manufacturing facilities can also benefit from using surveillance to aid health and safety, assist process controls or aid traffic management around their sites. Surveillance systems truly can achieve many benefits for businesses and, provide savings in various area of an organization.

Aegis Fire & Security can advise, design and implement migration from standard analogue surveillance systems over to secure networked platforms, allowing organizations to move from older surveillance technologies, to the latest more scalable solutions using IP based recording systems and IP surveillance cameras, with the ability to start small and grow systems this can be a very cost effective way to implement multisite and wide area surveillance system without the need for investing in large transmission structures.

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