Touch Free Access Control

Touch Free Access Control

Touch Free Access control and intercom systems are really what they say, the ability to gain authorised access securely with the minimum of contact.

There is no getting away from the impact of the CoronaVirus on the way we interact with buildings moving forward, whether keeping contact to a minimum, social distancing and separation in the work place, and keeping both employees and customers as safe as possible, we have technology and systems that can assist and help achieving safe working and keep contact to a bare minimum.

There are modifications that can be made to existing systems, such as basic alterations to devices like push to exit buttons, instead fitting foot plates for example, the are facial recognition terminals that can replace card readers and depending on your existing system, these can be retro fitted to improve the hands free access into your building or organisation.

For off the shelf solutions please check out our System Store, if you have no current access control system or intercom system in place and would like advice or assistance on what options are available, please call us or send us an email via our contact page ..

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