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Off the shelf Security Systems

Our Online Systems store allows you to buy fully installed security system off the shelf for your home and for your business.

Accredited to NSI Gold Standard we deliver reliability and quality, professionally installed systems.

We’re personable are care about your security and safety.

These are values we take very seriously and what’s more our systems come with a 2 year fully inclusive warranty too.

So if you’re looking for peace of mind and a reliable firm to deliver it, we think we can help.

Over 18 years experience

We have over 18 years experience designing and installing security systems along with providing a great Aftercare service.

Choose Aegis for your burglar alarm system and you’ll receive a speedy and caring service.

Our advisors and engineers alike will be hoping to get your thumbs up.

NSI & Police Approved

We are accredited to NSI Gold Standard and Police approved and we only employ experienced engineers.

Our Home and business Security Systems include bell only burglar alarms and Grade 2 and 3 based commercial systems too.

Our systems can also include connections to an ARC (Alarm Receiving centre) using BT Redcare or Dual-Com by CSL.

Alternatively we can connect your system to Freecom or Emizon IP based communication systems, or monitor on your mobile phone or tablet too.

Buy from our online systems store

Please see below and check out our off the shelf fully installed security systems, we can usually have them installed and setup within 7 days.

Check out our online store for off the shelf wirefree alarm systems for your home

Protect your home and business with an Aegis Burglar Alarm or Home CCTV system

Home CCTV Systems

Want to know whats happening at home ?

Are you concerned about your home security or worried about trespassers, maybe you simply want to keep an eye on things at home when you’re away.

Consider one of our home CCTV systems.

We offer entry level HD systems or Enterprise level and 4K level systems and they are expertly installed and setup for your peace of mind.

Buy from our online systems store

We have a choice of off the shelf Home CCTV systems in our Online Systems store.

Alternatively we can pay you a visit to discuss and advise you on more bespoke requirements for your home security as a whole.

We can provide CCTV systems that are discreet, and if needed they can be monitored and viewed anywhere in the world via your tablet or mobile phone. **

** (subject to customer having compatible app and a mobile phone with active 4g data coverage).

Check out our off the shelf fully installed Home Security Systems in our Online Store

Burglar Alarms

Making Intruders think twice

Live Burglar alarms make intruders think twice and they act as an effective deterrent and they will also provide a warning that an intrusion is taking place.

Making it uncomfortable for any burglar, is a top priority for any of our alarm systems.

It’s worth baring in mind  that a ‘bells-only’ alarm system will not give you an automatic police response. They will only act if an unlawful entry has been reported by a 999 call from a passer by or a concerned neighbour.

Monitored Alarm systems

If your budget allows, you can have your alarm connected to a monitoring service.

These are the next level systems and they achieve a higher level of security for your home or business.

Opting for a remotely monitored alarm system, where the activation of the alarm system signals to a monitoring centre, ensures in the event of a confirmed signal the police or a security key holding company are contacted on your behalf.

On monitored alarm systems the Signals are filtered for false activations, which helps avoid the risk of losing police response to your alarm.


We are keen to know if you could not find what you wanted on our systems store.

Are you looking for some advice ?

Are you are looking for a more bespoke or specific quote for any of our systems or services ?

Our services including fire alarms, CCTV, intruder alarms or access control can all be designed to meet specific requirements if needed.

Please get in touch using one of the methods shown below and one of our advisors will contact you.