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Orisec WiFi tutorial

Set up your alarm on your WiFi network so you can control you alarm system Via the Orisec App.



Face Recognition terminal for touch free access control

Looking for touch free access to your building ?

Hikvision’s face recognition terminals apply to a wide variety of scenarios and environments and can be highly personalized.

Multiple authentication modes are available: face images, swiping ID card and comparing images, custom modes, and more.

Applications range from commercial real estate, government agencies, small to very large businesses or factories, just to name a few.

Check out HIK Visions Temperature Screening Solutions

Hikvision Temperature Screening Face Terminals and Screening Solutions.

Features include Time attendance + Access control + Temperature screening + Face recognition + Mask detection.

Videofied Video Alarm System

Not sure about how a Videofied Video Alarm works ? Check out this short video ….

No power no problem ! This system needs no telephone, it needs no broadband either ..

The Videofied system comes with its own mobile data network module built in and will operate for up to 4 years on the lithium-ion batteries that are included with the system.

You can use this system for Construction Sites, Boats and Yachts, Marinas, Main and Second Homes, Log Cabins and void properties, lock up stores and industrial units.

Checkout our off the shelf fully installed Videofied Systems on our system store

See here our reliable Wagner Aspiration Systems

Aegis install Titanus Aspiration controllers in sites across the UK.

TITANUS®: WAGNERs highly sensitive air sampling smoke detector identifies fire very early and enable you to take countermeasures without losing time. The air sampling smoke detector is able to operate reliably in many different and also difficult operating conditions.

For more information on aspiration systems please Contact our office or use our message section.

Check out Orisec the RK-400-LCD & RK-450-LCD

Introducing the RK-400-LCD & RK-450-LCD